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Left to Right: David, Ben and Me, taken on a Camp Tawonga backpack trip, Summer, 2004

At the 2003 California Science Fair with the Bonny Doon crowd
(left to right: Rachel, Katherine, Emily, Zach, Colin and me)

Standing on Mt. Kahili, Kaua'i

On a trip to Kaua'i (my fifth, January 2002), I visited Mt. Kahili on Kaua'i. To get there, I had to fly with my Dad on a helicopter. They dropped us off and we spent about three hours up there, working on radio equipment.

Waiting for the helicopter on Mt. Kahili, Kaua'i

Here I am, waiting for the helicopter to pick me up. I'm sitting on the landing spot.

Helicopter Takeoff from Mt. Kahili, Kauai

Clear for takeoff!

Tunnels Beach, of courseEnjoying the snow at home

January, 2002

I made my own bow and arrow while camping in the sierra during the summer of 2001

Here I am in April of 1999 with my Dad and Aunt Lani, who lives on the Big Island of Hawaii with my Uncle Jeff. We are near the entrance to Waimea Canyon, and the Island of Nihihau is in the background.

Here I am next to a Moray eel, which I watched being caught at Ke'e Beach, at the end of the road at the entrance to the Na Pali Coast. Na Pali means "The Cliffs" in the Hawaiian Language.

I also went to Montecito - Sequoia in the southern Sierras in February of 1999. There was lots of snow and I had fun! Here I am with my friend Dylan Ornas, digging a snow tunnel. It was great fun. We also found the biggest sledding hill in Montecito. The extra fun part about sledding down the sledding hill was that you got to go what seemed like miles down a huge hill.
          It was the best vacation ever!

At Punto Tombo, Argentina - September 1998

          In 1998, I went to Argentina to visit my friends in Puerto Madryn, and while I was there I visited some places nearby that had many interesting animals I don't ever see in California.

          When I was in Puerto Madyrn, the two local newspapers took pictures and wrote stories about our visit. Americans very rarely visit this part of Argentina, although it is a tourist destination for Europeans during the South American summer (December through March).

          Here I am standing with a Magellanic Penguin, who comes to this place every year. There are about 500,000 others who share this place with him (or her).

Whale watching near Puerto PyRamides, Patagonia, Argentina - September 1998

          And here we see a Right Whale close up, right next to the Zodiac boat we were in. The Whale is about ten feet from us, and we can see the top of his mouth. Very exciting!

At Elkhorn Slough, Near Aromas, California - October 1998

Out on the Water with the Bonny Doon Rangers in our Aeolean dory skiff.

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