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What can I do, what can we do,
is not the question.
The question is, What are you willing to do?

On an individual level one can help educate by simply placing flyers around town. We have some on the site you can download see home page.

One can hold education classes, place ads in newspapers in coffee houses. Get other concerned people together~ you are not alone!!

( please note family and friends are not a good place to start too much baggage)

There are a number of internet activities you can do on a solo level; research, posting our articles and our website or others in chat rooms and blogs. Targeting open minded areas are important respiratory distress sites, agriculture chat sites etc.

Start a petition, pass city and local regulations. One can file class action lawsuits for flight separation rule violations as set by the FAA. One can file class actions lawsuits for gross polluter planes which violate EPA emissions standards.

Force congress to stop funding these projects. File class action lawsuits against the US Air Force for illegal human experimentation. File suit against the United States with the United Nations for violating the weather modification treaty.

Get a local radio show and start talking about this crap. Send videos to your local community TV station, by law they must play it!

Online activism there is lots to do too: Networking, Research, Report writing, producing educational materials. I could go on and on.
So, the real question is:

When you have decided please let us know we would love to help.





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