December 26, 2005-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Millions of dollars are already being spent in a number of states, especially in the
West, to spew silver iodide into storm clouds to coax more rain and snow to fall."

-By Bob Moen Associated Press Monday, December 26, 2005;

December 25, 2005

Aerosols Reducing Coastal Drizzle And Increasing Cloud Cover
-Space and Earth science : July 05, 2005

December 19, 2005----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Hutchison's bill passed out of the Senate Commerce, Science and
Transportation Committee last month and is headed to the Senate floor"

-Thursday, December 08, 2005 By Greg Simmons, Fox News

"Air pollution kills 1,700 a year in Toronto: Study"
-Division of Business Affairs / University of Toronto

December 16, 2005-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


December 15, 2005-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

$96.5M to Refine USA's Main Airborne Maritime Surveillance Radar

"The state did not pursue other large-scale projects, but created a
license process for private cloud-seeding operations."


November 30, 2005-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Major Shifts Flow From NPOESS Polar Satellite Program "Crisis"

November 17 , 2005-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Senate Panel Mulls Weather Modification
Nov 17, 2005 6:54 KWTX Central Texas News Ch 10

Weather terror 2: Russia and the rogues
- By Jerry Mazza Online Journal Contributing Writer Nov 8, 2005, 00:56

"Weather modification technologies might involve techniques that would
increase latent heat release in the atmosphere..."

-By Kristen Zambo Saturday, November 5, 2005

Brave New World of Tesla Technology
-November 05, 2005 03:48 PM EST -
The Conservative Voice

Chemtrails Are Over Las Vegas
-Marcus K. Dalton Tribune Media Group
(part one August 19,2005)

'Chemtrails' In Las Vegas Skies
- Marcus K. Dalton Tribune Media Group
(part two August 26,2005)

November 16 , 2005----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

November 11, 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


-waking up to weather modification-
way to go activists & educators!
-October 13, 2005

"Cordani’s Dyn-O-Storm plane tackled a thunderstorm 10 miles off the Palm Beach
coast on July 19, 2001. It dropped $40,000 worth of Dyn-O-Gel granules
into the churning clouds" -Deroy Murdock 10-21-2005

October 14 , 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Rainmaking Has Its True Believers -- And Skeptics

Katrina: Force of nature or WMD? Pocatello weatherman wants to know
-By Mary Grossman; Planet Jackson Hole
By- Wayne Hall

UN-banned weapon system can trigger hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis

Canadian engineer who works at a large oil company, believes he has devised a way
to generate artificial whirlwinds that can be controlled and harnessed.
He calls his invention the “atmospheric vortex engine”.
-The Economist print edition

When I left the military in the 1960s, we had the ability to do that, and reduce wind velocity in hurricanes by 25 percent and damage caused by a hurricane by 63 percent."
-Jimmy Patterson Midland Reporter Telegram

"Messin' with the weather"
- By Joyce Morrison -Illinois Conservative Politics

"New evidence suggests US & Russia are embroiled in an illegal
race to harness the power of hurricanes & earthquakes"

-by The Daily Express

September 28, 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Project STORMFURY was an ambitious experimental program of research
on hurricane modification carried out between 1962 and 1983.

Is the government controlling the weather?
BY BILL FERGUSON Knight Ridder Newspapers

September 20, 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"...National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), weather scientist Ross Hoffman argues that technologies including targeted satellites could
change the course of hurricanes enough to save [and destroy] lives"

-September 18, 2005 The Sun-Herald

September 5, 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"I am completely convinced that Katrina was a engineered storm."

The not-so-gradual collapse of empire
By Carolyn Baker Online Journal Contributing Writer

" Katrina catastrophe may have been a creation of the Pentagon's High-Frequency
Active Aural Research Program (HAARP), a weapon of mass destruction that is
capable of destabilizing the weather and ecology of entire regions of the earth."

September 1, 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Outraged residents shut down spray loving politician's
and researcher's meeting.

"... angry residents from the Davis-Sacramento area took over an informational
meeting last week, chasing local politicians and state experts from the room."

By Patrick May Mercury News

``We suggest they close their windows, but they think it'll come through the cracks
and down the fireplace. People are easily scared, but you have to weigh the risks. Everything has risks. "
In an anti-aerial spraying "...revolt, angry residents from the Davis-Sacramento area
took over an informational meeting last week, chasing local politicians and state
experts from the room. They are demanding a moratorium on spraying -- even
though Davis has not yet been sprayed or fogged -- and are calling for less
intrusive alternatives to be tried instead."
-By Patrick May Mercury News

"NASA Funds Weather Modification Technology "
Wired News | May 7, 2004 By Noah Shachtman

August 25, 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"West Nile spraying set for S.J. streets"
"Santa Clara County officials Friday said they plan for the first time to spray
an insecticide fog in two San Jose neighborhoods as early as Thursday."
-By John Woolfolk Mercury News

"Hurricane Katrina: Weather Warfare"

August 21, 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Citizens writes about concerns of systematic spraying being harmful to
people and bad for our food in our farming community.
-Santa Cruz Sentinel

August 18, 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) ionospheric research site near
Gokona, Alaska...recently completed installation of an array of 132 crossed dipole antennas"

--Business Wire

"SRI-Designed Radar System Signals New Age in Atmospheric Research"
-Business Wire

$9 million State cloud seeding program this winter
-By Star-Tribune

"HAARP: A Weapon of Total Destruction"
- By:

"Resolution on the environment, security and foreign policy"
-The European Parliament

August 5, 2005
"County to spray 37 areas with mosquito larvicide"
-Sentinel staff report

July 21, 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"FORT WORTH, Texas -- A weird-looking cloud sporting the colors of the rainbow appeared to many in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex early Thursday afternoon."

July 14, 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Columbia Chemtrail Concern"
by Donna McCollum -KTRE ABC News 9

July 12, 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Making Lightning
by Sterling D. Allan -
Pure Energy Systems News

July 8, 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"The weird science of weather modification makes a comeback"
Did it ever really leave?

July 7, 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

“Weather modification is extremely controversial right now,”
says news 4 WOAI Chief Meteorologist Jennifer Broome.
“There's just not enough evidence to prove it effective.”

June 15, 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Weather forecasts widely distrusted"

"Climate reports altered by White House official

June 9 , 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Squeezing more water from Arizona's sky"

June 3 , 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cloud seeding moves ahead weather you like or not!

May 14 , 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

European Commission asks it's people if chemtrails
are an acceptable way to "mitigate climate change".

"Use of Christmas Dates for Man-Made Catastrophes"

May 10 , 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Researchers at DRI Rely on Cray XD1 Supercomputer to
Unravel Environmental Mysteries"

"BAE Systems North America Inc., ( aka HAARP) Rockville, Md., won a $58 million contract from the Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center to design,
build and maintain security and anti-terrorism-force protection systems
at government facilities worldwide."

April 27, 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Earthquakes: Natural or Man-Made?
"The Egyptian weekly magazine Al-Osboa claimed the earthquake that triggered
the tsunami (12.26.04) “was possibly” caused by an Indian nuclear experiment
in which “Israeli and American nuclear experts participated”. -MUST READ!

April 21, 2005-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How crazy is this?
"Logging could improve runoff to help offset the drought's effects (in LA, CA)"
If they can think of this as acceptable, think of the crazy things they are doing to
our skies and for what crazy reasons.
The real question is: Why do we have drought?

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

"For six days in late September 1950, a small military vessel near
San Francisco sprayed a huge cloud of serratia particles into the air
while the weather favored dispersal."

2.4 billion to conduct organized weather modification


April 20, 2005-----------------------------------------------------------------

"How Air Travel Is Imperiling Passengers And The Planet" by William Thomas

April 15, 2005-----------------------------------------------------------------

PHAZAR CORP (HAARP) Announced Third Quarter Financial Results

April 10, 2005 -----------------------------------------------------------------

Counter attacks launched, latest update on the Weather Wars
"Nations are now developing counter measures to neutralize the weather
manipulation techniques... The modern methods of artificial weather modifications
involve artificial ionization of earth’s atmosphere between 15,000 and 30,000 ft."

Could the same, or similar, equipment be used to
control the weather as well as human behavior?

"Using the lasers (a device that utilizes the natural oscillations of atoms or
molecules between energy levels for generating coherent electromagnetic
radiation) to stimulate specific brain cells, researchers are being able to control
the habit of insects, animals and even human beings."

April 5 , 2005-----------------------------------------------------------------

Pilot Voices Potential Cause for Florida’s Hurricanes.

April 1 , 2005 -----------------------------------------------------------------

Ananova: "A teenager who found a cloud-seeding missile was almost killed"

Chemtrails and Aerial Spray issues in the LOCAL SANTA CRUZ, CA NEWS

Bioterrorism Test Scheduled Over Central Oklahoma
"...test pilots will use crop-dusting equipment to disseminate materials..."
Read more on this...

Planes to keep Russian jubilee dry - (CNN)
"On orders from President Vladimir Putin, 10 planes equipped with
chemical charges will try to keep Russia's second city dry...
Read more on this...

News Archive from Chemtrail Central
Chemtrails found in the news from a variety of
mainstream television and newspaper sources.

Pentagon: Chem, bio tests involved U.S. troops - (CNN)
"Altogether, there were 103 tests scheduled between 1960 and 1970, but so far
the Pentagon has only confirmed 12 took place. Three of the tests used live
nerve agents, one used a live biological agent...
This article talks of "Project SHAD" but CNN fails to show the severity of these
experiments and the severe effects that they had on our soldiers.
Read more on this... 1, 2, 3, 4

Using Americans and the general public as guinea pigs is nothing new. It has
happened for years and continues to this day. Here is a partial list of experiments
conducted on humans, using taxpayer money.

Spray Tankers Tracked By Radar
Great article by investigative journalist William Thomas

Tape Seems to Confirm Chemtrails A Military Operation
Chemtrails exposed in Canada

The government’s top-secret efforts to control Mother Nature
This is a revealing article by Bob Fitrakis and Fritz Chess. Please note the first paragraph
in which it states that there were many reported sightings of chemtrails in the skies
immediately after September 11, 2001 when virtually all civilian aircraft was grounded.
That means there were no "contrails" in the skies and that these were in fact "chemtrails"
being laid by non-commercial aircraft.

The absence of actual contrails was even used as an opportunity to study how well a
"chemtrail" disperses in the sky, as shown in this report by NASA and other groups
conducting the studies. Of course, they called them "contrails" instead of using the word
"chemtrails", yet we know there were no actual contrails to be studied at the time (unless you
count the jet that was allowed to go to several different locations in the U.S., at the request of the Bush
administration, and pick up members of the Bin Laden family and escort them out of the country before they
could be questioned
- but that's a whole other scary issue in itself).

There is something we must realize. The government will never ever use the word "chemtrails" in any of their studies, reports, or experiments. Plain and simple. They will NEVER EVER use the word "chemtrails" unless trying to debunk the whole concept. They will always call chemtrails "contrails" and even tell us so in the Summary of a patent filed by the United States. Read the full text at and please note the following statement in the Summary: "the term 'contrail' was adopted for convenience in identifying the visible powder trail of this invention".
They admit that they use the word "contrail" to describe "powder trails" left by jets
even if the trail isn't actually a condensation trail by definition.

Chemtrails Are Back
Another very informative article, which talks of chemtrails in the sky during the no-fly period after September 11, 2001. It also has comments from scientists involved in sky-spray related projects and includes the governments desire, ability, and practice of controlling the weather.

Strategies Against Climate Change

An excellent article by Wayne Hall in which geoengineering is discussed
with the secrecy and popularity (or lack thereof) that surrounds it.

Chemtrails outlaw

This is a commentary by Bob Fitrakis talking about Congressman Dennis
attempt to put an end to chemtrail activity through legislation.

The Methodic Demise Of Natural Earth
A comprehensive "environmental impact overview"
of chemtrails by Dr. R. Michael Castle

The chemistry of the modern sky

An informative commentary by by Nicholas Jones

Chemtrail Update With Will Thomas

This is a transcript of Will Thomas' appearance on the Jeff Rense Program, June 5,
2003. They talk about chemtrails and mention how Congressman Dennis Kucinich
has publicly stated that "Chemtrails are real" while visiting Santa Cruz, CA. Do an
Edit/Find search on the page and type in "Dennis" to read about this nationally
known Presidential candidate uttering these three words of powerful truth.

Chemtrails: Delivery System For Dept. of Defense's Toxic Cocktails

"To ignore chemtrails is to pretend that the DOD would never
test its chemical and biological weapons on unsuspecting people.

Giant Space Shield Plan To Save Planet

"Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of metallic 'scatterers' would be ejected into the upper atmosphere under the plans. ...Similar solutions include the release of massive nets of ultra-fine metal mesh into the upper atmosphere by aircraft to prevent the Sun's rays from reaching Earth." They're preparing us for what is already in progress and are telling us it's for our own good. Yes, global warming is a huge problem, but there are many simple solutions that they are ignoring because of the simple fact that it will cut into their profit margin. Friends of the Earth climate campaigner Roger Higman sums it up well when he says, "Climate change is the biggest environmental threat the world faces. It is important for scientists to explore imaginative ways to tackle its impacts, but technical fixes must not be used as an excuse for failing to reduce the growing levels of greenhouse gases." These three links show just how industry profits are much more important to those in power than the state of our planet or the health of its occupants.

Pollution Drying Up Rainfall

"New satellite data shows tiny airborne particles
are changing rainfall patterns around the world"



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