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Chapter One: Subtle Energies and Spirituality You can evolve much more effectively with this book on spiritual systems and subtle energies. Subtle Energies are fantastic because they can make your life incredibly fulfilling and can open up vast powers to improve yourself. Years of studying this information have convinced me that subtle energy is a necessary part of our evolution and our future.

One advantage of these systems is that they require little modification of our lifestyle in order to make major accomplishments. Some of the benefits include: increasing your capacity to love and be loved, knowing how to receive love better and learning to project the energy of love the way lighthouse projects a beacon. Subtle Energies help us on our path of spirituality and individual advancement through lifetime changes in our own energies and their interaction with those around us. We can follow the path of our ancient ancestors utilizing all the attunements they had available and so much more with the modern additional subtle energy technologies.

One power-instilling aspect of this work is the ability to take a more active participation in you own good health and well-being. Often in this sped- up world, we feel our lives are out of control, being spent on useless consumption and frivolous activities. By investing in yourself with subtle energies that allows you more control over your life which helps you to find better paths, rather than drifting into the negative You can actively address issues in life with the same energy used, but for positive outcome. Too often complex medical modalities leave us powerless to assist ourselves. However we can take command of our lives with the simplicity of these empowering energy systems. As a parent, you will find that subtle energy is also valuable in reducing our children's pain and suffering, again giving us an active role in helping them more. A friend once said, " When my child gets hurt I want to 'take on the pain' so they don't have to feel it." I thought that was a true and very noble wish, but with these subtle energy systems we can reduce children's pain without ' taking it on' ourselves. That steps even further than my friends idealistic approach to reducing their child's suffering.

Subtle energies are part of a deep, rich history of ancient spiritual and healing systems used by virtually every culture on the planet. Humans everywhere use these "metaphysical" systems to achieve the all elusive "happiness" thereby pushing their spiritual evolution foreword. Most of these secrets were kept mystical and held by the core groups because of problems of people not using the energies correctly or for benefit of others. Abuse of the powers is the reason for a lot of spiritual energies being retracted by spiritual leaders in the past. The movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" was about abuse of power and its withdrawal.

Today we have much more access to information, therefore the mysteries are being cracked by tremendous advancements in science, medicine and education. Our society has many unfulfilled spiritual needs and the price we pay is in an unfulfilled people on a never ending search. We search in vain for a happier and healthier lifestyle, searching without realizing the source of happiness can be found in spiritual pursuits, not in the material accumulation that never satisfies us at the core level.

Many old dogmatic religions were political and not what they appeared to be. Pursuing past spiritual paths had many disadvantages, years of dedicated time combined with incredible disciplines and often "Suffering" to get further down "the path". Subtle Energy systems are usable by anyone on a spiritual path as well as the average person who wants a simpler way to reach personal goals without large sacrifices. In your life you may have already accepted responsibilities such as parenthood, home ownership, business and our lifestyle of working. It would be unreasonable for you to take five years off and travel to India or Tibet to study and apprentice in order to obtain goals. Subtle energy systems allow you to pursue your spiritual goals without sacrificing family life. In the Hawaiian Huna philosophy we believe that anyone can pursue their spiritual path without giving up major portions of their lives or sacrifice to convince the Creator we are worthy of attention and blessings.

Do you remember the first wave of Eastern philosophy and spiritual techniques in the 60's brought forth by Guru's and popular artists! Often this consisted of renouncing material ownership, "worshipping" teachers and masters and often with large personal sacrifices such as hours of meditation, yoga or service to others. Many seekers have searched these paths and achieved profound changes in their lives with hard work and perseverance. There are those who also searched but were disappointed when the proper blessings and "IT" did not fall into their laps with their visiting India or China (where "IT" was supposed to be.) To advance spiritually you do not have to participate the worship of personality.

These techniques were disciplines that could make a big difference in a person's life, and like many in the counter culture we saw them as a valuable means to advance our selves. Such techniques were often more active and down-to-earth than what Christianity had offered me in the Lutheran church. Still this meant long hours of dedication and years of work, meditation and often bowing down to the religious leaders of other countries and cultures. Subtle Energy systems as taught today offer the advantages of the POWER of the eastern disciplines without the SUFFERING and SACRIFICE.

We of today's world have an incredible education system and access to information as compared to the past. We have the ability to make decisions based on information that is more accessible than at any point in history. We have more power and easier physical lives than our ancestors therefore we can advance and evolve faster in our personal and spiritual lives much easily than what was allowed by leaders of the past. Yet, many are unhappy and have a lower self image and self acceptance. You can change that with spiritual subtle energies.

A controlling philosophy in many religions was used so we followers would not think independently or make contact with the Creator without them. This boils down to control; Today we can reclaim our control and with guidance follow a better and more personal direction for evolution by taking control with using subtle energies. Although our live move at tremendously accelerated speed, we are not keeping up with our lives. We can cut through the mysteries and apply these powerful subtle energy techniques to advance while speeding up our own personal and spiritual evolution.

Your willingness to approach personal and spiritual advancing material means you are ready to move forward. As you research the subtle energy systems available to you and ask teachers how it has improved their own lives and you will not be disappointed in their stories. You can accelerate spiritual evolution even more with several practical systems from all over the world with different options never before available to the public.

Most of us now use "convenience products" that save time and effort, to save time and effort and to accommodate our still sped up world; therefore we can't take the time for spiritual advancement with the years of dedication. Our buying habits are oriented towards short cut methods for a sped up world and many do not and can not take the time for spiritual advancement. Still we need a way to make the most of our meditation time and use efficient self improvement methods. The Spiritual Unfoldment Network's classes offer much more in return for the efforts invested in our spiritual evolution.

Another beneficial aspect of these systems deals with the mental and physical health of you and your loved ones. There is little need to go into the details of how many people have health problems or how much worse off we are getting in society, so I will spare you the drama. Those who have read this far are now addressing their general health to a greater degree and the next subject will be valuable. Part of Subtle Energy systems apply to the term "laying on of hands" which means to allow a flow of energy from yourself or others with your hands, or by simply channeling energy.

It is not important for you to become a practitioner of the healing arts, but it is wonderful for you to use them only on yourself. You might never use the systems to touch another person, yet they can be a tremendous benefit to you by running the energy on yourself. This is not a technical skill like massage, polarity or acupuncture, rather a simple energy work that can be done whenever you have free time or there is nothing to do, like time you are wasting waiting for something or driving in a car or sitting In a meeting at work.

Ancient cultures knew how to cure disease by flowing life energy into a person that would balance their internal energies. Our ancestors have used the "laying on of hands" techniques for centuries until the era of "scientific materialism" came when many such things were abandoned. Now we are facing issues that western science can not conquer, by using conventional techniques against AIDS, cancer, mental illness and modified viruses. The scientific and medical industries have ignored these dedicated scientists who all along said that subtle energy and life energy existed ( see my book :Life Energy Lives Again!)

In our society these mental and physical health issues have sources that can be addressed in many ways and with many modalities. What is needed are easy and yet powerful techniques that allow better health for ourselves and our loved ones, ways to reduce the imbalances and disparity within us for little investment. "Healing" can include more than physical problems such as injury or illness. Most of us have mental blocks that halt us in life's pursuits. Many people have deep hidden fears from childhood trauma and experiences that we may not be aware of. We can work toward the root of these problems if we then move beyond the treatment of visual symptoms. A good example are psychological issues we all carry and problems that cause what is estimated to be half of our health problems known as psychosomatic illnesses. Many of us have a hard time accepting that our minds can make us sick, we don't want to accept that we aren't perfect or that our "mentality" is ill. To even consider that our mind is not perfect is a big fear and a source of ridicule in society. Therefore, systems of spirituality can enable you to be yourself and work toward your true essence without past negative influences by energetically releasing stored negative patterns. Few of us know or can address the powerful connection between disease and our soul. It is important to know that with attunements or empowerments that we are able to work on ourselves without other practitioners, or trade with others who also practice healing and spiritual advancement.

By this time in your life you have stepped past Ego's boundaries and have accepted that you could use a little WORK on past ISSUES. Perhaps you are having a difficulties with a relationship or in raising children some clues may have appeared about cleaning up personal problems from childhood or past lives before you can move to the next set involving children and lovers (who are also here to heal you in their own way). Personal and spiritual evolution go hand in hand so you must peruse both.

Most of today's Subtle Energy systems are very open minded as to religious freedom. They are taught under a non-denominational system that upholds tolerance and acceptance of many diverse backgrounds. Often, initiations are including various religions such as Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Taoist. In the past, the deep esoteric information and "laying on of hands" were reserved for the fundamental religious elitists who controlled access. In America we associate the laying on of hands with small groups having secret or very different lifestyles that are very limiting and quite simply "boring" to us. There is no need to conform to rigid guidelines of the past such as those of the Shakers and the Pennsylvania Quakers.

You have the ability to embrace these systems and use them without any religious or exoteric limits and exclusions of the past.You may also apply Subtle Energies to the groups, Yes, of your choice and blend them with your favorite religions. Once you look beyond isolationist religious exteriors you will find similar goals also at the roots of their philosophy anyway! One key to help religious (and other ) bias is to look for the similarities rather than the differences between them. We tend to look at a group or individual with an eye for the differences first, but if we change that attitude we will bring the world together in a more powerful way than ever.

What are we buying with these subtle energy systems ?? As consumers we can purchase different "attunements" and ancient secret information passed down through the ages to a select few people (found usually in fundamental religions). We have the privilege to purchase the development and amazing blessings that in past history would have taken years of study in a monastery or mystery school, or perhaps be a slave to a guru or monk. This means we can advance at a much faster rate than if we attended church or meditated as we have in the past. Thus we have the tools to contribute to our movement on the evolutionary path with daily meditation and activities and guidance with religious groups.

When you work or study with someone gifted with psychic abilities those abilities rub off on you or slowly transfer, like you are tuning to their radio. Such a psychic transference happens over time and is the main basis for studying under a master to achieve powerful skills. This is unnecessary to do to achieve the talents transferred down from Guru or teachers of the past. This does not mean Guru's are no longer needed, rather the old methods are being replaced, however you can still approach teachers for individual guidance for personal and spiritual growth as a matter of fact this is recommended when seeking deeper advancement.

In today's western market we can transfer the ability to tap into specific cosmic energies and to transfer that ability through a teacher to the student. This ability is similar to a radio receiver that can pick up specific radio stations or frequencies from the masses of unseen signals that are streaming through our bodies at any given time. Likewise, the radio receiver can be altered with some rewiring and the parts used as a transmitter of those stations with their frequencies as put out by the same box (or person ).

If you are on a spiritual path, many of these attunements can accelerate the speed of attaining your ultimate goal without investment of time and money or traveling overseas and searching.