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CHAPTER TEN: TOOLS FOR THE TRADE In the growing trade of subtle energy healing, there are more options than one can ever imagine. As a Computer Engineer / technical specialist, I know there are many powerful electrical and subtle energy widgets out there to buy and help people on their path to the God/ess within. On my path of helping myself and others, I played with many tools. At one point I felt it important to concentrate on the laying on of hands more than using implements, but of course, a different idea was presented. As soon as I had made that commitment then three people introduced me to new and exciting devices and asked for electronic healing technical help. One was a powerful item - wonderful to feel and built from electronics. Later the Reiki Master who had taught me well asked if I would build a simple electronic 555 timer circuit to "Zap the bugs" in the body. OK, OK, I'll do the electronic and widget thing again!

One thing about computers is that they show how unnecessarily afraid people become when faced with new and the unknown. You have probably seen others (like yourself) who cringe and become stressed when first they touch a computer keyboard. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF TECHNOLOGY! It is simply an addition to our lives that will improve and streamline our efficiency. Ever since electricity was discovered it was put to work on health problems and has caused major changes to society. If you enter the hospital ward for premature infants, you will see rows of high quality electronics designed to monitor these struggling souls. Computer biofeedback systems like the LIFE 2000 system is really a revolution in science and subtle energies, check it out.

Metaphysical healing devices were scoffed at by medical professionals but are now becoming accepted by consumer markets that know they really work. So we'll review some of the electronic and static devices available today, and their sources. If Electronic healing devices are not oriented to the scientific measuring devices or methods of the day, they are often suppressed by the powers that be. Medical professions are like any other when it comes to change, it takes too much work and energy. Many keep making the same mistakes, rather than shift to a better method. Beware, as some sales businesses can be flaky , so you are on your own in dealing with them.

As with any healing modality one item may not cure all problems. Each person has a unique body chemistry with it's own end results. Be aware that testimonials are often the only selling point allowed to be used to market a product (according to the Food and Drug administration). What works for others may not work for you, so research and compare before you leap (or your money leaps from you wallet).

STATIC DEVICES: Crystals: There is already so much information available on that so that I will point out basics and make creative suggestions to start you out. Energies flow from crystals that are etheric or healing in their properties. Different materials from the earth resonate with unique frequencies, often according to the crystal's shape and geometry which affects different parts of a person's energies. They can be used to amplify the subtle energies that people put out from their hands and other energy centers. (Marcel Vogel's work.)

Wear them, carry them and start a modest collection to assist in your work. Good books are available that give the uses and characteristics of many minerals and crystals, also retail shops and healers can make useful suggestions. There are attunements, both for increasing your powers into the crystals and to actually enhance the crystal's energetic strength. The attunements in the SUN Crystal workshop can give you an extra edge in using crystals but it is not necessary to use the crystals. The Twelve rays class provides an energy grid attunement which increases the actual power of the crystal or energy device, permanently. Crystals are used by a friend in the practice of hypnotherapy with an array of crystals that were put at different spots on and around the body to stimulate energy bodies and produce a stronger effect. Crystals do have a tendency to hold certain undesirable energies. They need to be cleaned, therefore they do require some maintenance. Several methods can be used as shown in the next section.

Generators: As many are available you should try them before buying them. The feelings and effects obtained may vary considerably from other's. Results, prices vary, and are not always related to the strength or usefulness of the device. The distributors can be spread out over the world and it can be a lot to search for them.

Other countries have a greater variety, because of their acceptance and open-mindedness about these items as healing modalities. I sampled a flat soft pack from Japan to be used for healing injuries. I felt a definite soothing energy flow from it, but the price of 70 dollars (mucho yen) was a bit much! Exotic generators may cost from 200 to 500 dollars, so you must justify the expense and value to your health problems or those of your clients or customers. If something adds to your life, the cost may be nothing compared to the relief it brings.

European countries have energy devices that are commercially available, but they can not make claims about there effectiveness in the US where our laws are different. Radionics and Subtle Energy work is more recognized in Europe and Australia and is accepted, organized and more professional than in the US. For example there are laws against using radionics devices, here, for medical purposes. The same is true of the simple Orgone accumulator and other basic magnetic items. Often these laws in the US were created to protect business from competition by outlawing the devices and making them unavailable to the public. Often, big business would have their congress person write laws to "save the public" from a perceived evil, but it was often a case of protectionism for an industry such as chemical or pharmaceutical. The corruption of businesses "owning" legislative leaders has been common in politics in most countries throughout history.

Purple plate: A thin plate of metal that has been molecularly changed to reduce or remove the negative energies in crystals, food, water and also people. The purple plate is inexpensive, simple and can be felt by many, but not all, as producing an energetic effect. My personal experience is to call it the "purple positive attitude plate." When I am having a bad day at work and my attitude is going downhill, I wear the smaller plate. The change occurs later when I have a better attitude toward what was frustrating me at the time.

They can also be used in the refrigerator to reduce negative energies in food placed on the plate, and can be placed on someone while running subtle energy on them. Some find the larger one overpowering, while others may feel it mildly. They are available from: Tools for Exploration, San Rafael California.

Claris: This device is one of the time tested devices that reduces or eliminates the problems from electrical and electronic radiation emissions. There is enough evidence that CRTs, TVs and many consumer products are putting out harmful emissions, in many frequencies, that can damage health. If you are exposed to large amounts, as in the computer industry, then consider this small but effective device to clean up your environment, they are about $ 170.00 and have been sold for years. Vitic Generator: This item is a hand held device that can be bought or made with simple materials.

The commercial Vitic generator from Borderland Science is a hand held item consisting of a carbon rod and a special magnetic rod for about $80 mail order. They are like a small energy pump that can constantly tap into the Prana or Mana energies and can stimulate or relax an individual with flowing energy. The rod is a carbon cutting type used by welders and can be bought from a welding supply store near you, but is not the important part of this generator. Still, you may wish to buy some of these pure carbon rods for clearing energy or holding in the hand during meditation. The other is a magnetic rod in a handle that puts out energy. This discovery came from Egyptian royal mummies with a crook and flail in their hands and concealed in the handles were a rod of carbon (to purify) and a lodestone rod with magnet properties. It was used as a power source and is often depicted being held by royal elite in Egyptian art. Another design (possibly from Francis Mesmer) uses a pair of horseshoe magnets and a steel rod with a Lahavoski coil mounted on a piece of wood. This design is available from Borderland Science Company P.O. Box 220, Bayside, California 95524. Vitic generator.

This design can be used creatively by putting multiple wire loops and also by hanging a birthstone crystal on the steel handle, specific for the user. This type of design needs "keeper plates" over the horseshoe magnets when not in use, so it is less convenient to use than the Borderlands model. The keeper plates are only for keeping up the strength on the magnets when not in use, and are easy to deal with. A magnetized steel dowsing rod shows a small back and forth oscillation around the Mesmer type of Vitic generator's base that is slow sweeping, like a change between Yin and Yang.

Stack Vitic: This simple design from Borderland Science Magazine is a metal tube filled with layers of granite and carbon that puts out a steady flow of Prana or Mana energy, and can be used for charging yourself up when either tired or feeling down. Like other Vitic generators, it can be used for waking up or for stimulation. An addition to the design was to run a copper tube, instead of a wire, down the center to allow air to pass through or water to charge the medium with the energies generated in the stack. Article in Borderland Science magazine. Focusing devices: These are commercially available but do carry the warning that they are not to be used for medical purposes. The purpose of this category is to collect or focus the energies around us or coming from the Cosmos. As an optical lens focuses light, so can cosmic and solar prana can be focused and tuned in. We know that photons and waves can be shaped by lenses and bent to our desires and these devices have been demonstrated repeatedly to "do things".

Pyramids: Little needs to be said. Most scientists scoff at pyramid power, but the pyramids of Egypt will stand for thousands of years after the builders have passed. These monuments to metaphysical science have produced countless scientific studies and used for charging with energies from above. Most are sold in miniature form and are used for meditation enhancement or to bring in more energy from cosmic sources. Some use crystal caps that can enhance the energies. (Mystics say the great pyramids used caps of exotic material).

Many forms of meditation pyramids are available to enhance the energies coming into you during meditation and energy work. I've used a five sided pyramid during private sessions with the SUN network to bring in energies of a particular frequency. Some use quartz crystals on the cap to focus the down flow which enters the crown of the head. A shop in Sedona Arizona makes a wonderful copper pipe pyramid that is used for meditation. Many are adding a crystal at the top of the pyramid to enhance the effect. Orgone Accumulator: Wilhelm Reich invented this valuable tool and was punished dearly for it. The device is a simple to build box that could capture and hold atmospheric prana or life energy. It would also reflect in and hold your own personal energy if you sit inside. The effect may be a charging of the subtle bodies with prana. The boxes were rented out by Reich to reduce or slow down cancer growth. Several organizations sell them; others sell books on how to build them from inexpensive materials such as wool, wood, steel sheet or steel wool. The Orgone Accumulator Handbook, by James Demeo is a good one to start with.

Orgone blankets may be a lot more practical to own and use than a large, box accumulator type. They can be bought or made easily with instructions from the above book and using the sources listed. If you sew, then make it yourself and experiment with charging them, but follow the directions carefully as they can also accumulate negative energies. These devices must be kept away from all negative energy emitters such as TVs, microwaves, computers, electrical motors, electric blankets, etc. Any device that can collect and accumulate positive healing energies can gather negative energies.

Biocircuits and Substance Circuits: Eeman invented these simple devices in the early 1900's to help reach particular areas of his body, his hands could not reach. To him, the key was in Christ's use of the hands to heal. He then applied these to others, using multiple people in the wire circuits for powerful healing effects. These devices have been rediscovered and are being sold in simple, as well as complex forms. The model sold by Tools for Exploration in San Raphael California, can be used by anyone for deep relaxation or to run subtle healing energies on themselves. There is a more expensive and powerful model called the Lindeman super circuit that is even better but costs much more.

All of these models can be made by anyone who can hold a soldering iron and sew a seam with instructions from the book "Biocircuits" by Terry and Linda Patten (also available at Tools for Exploration). The instructions are clear and informative and there are no electronics involved in the construction. You can save yourself money by doing it yourself with these instructions.

I love the deep relaxation obtained in 30 minutes or less. You can put a client into them and run energy in at the crown of the head and the wire circuit will flow it around blockages in the body to most areas. A simple Biocircuit can be purchased for about $75.00, and a Super Lindeman Biocircuit for $350.00 from Tools for Exploration. You can build the Super for $100.00 or less, IF you can find the pure copper parts necessary. Copper screen can be found at some door / screen stores, so call around.

Musical Devices and Toning: There is too much information to include here but these are some of the best items available to the public.

Large Quartz Tibetan bowls are a new space age technology applied to ancient tonal mastery. They are 10 to 14 inch quartz glass bowls rubbed around the outside rim to produce continuous tones, and they have many harmonics and overtones. They can be used to vibrate the body to bring up internal frequencies much like a pipe organ in a large church ( but at a lower cost than a $100,000 pipe organ). One must experience them to understand the impact. One demonstration included five bowls played by two people, and the different frequencies were sympathetically oscillating different parts of my back and body. Heart zones music tape effects the way we interact with our heart.

-Institute of Heartmath has addressed communication between the heart and the mind. They teach classes on how to listen and talk to the heart which is what our ancestors did in a more effective way. The music industry created a termed "designer music" popular for enhancing communication with your heart, like a second mind. The music called "Heart Zones" lets you focus more on the heart and can be used with their techniques to reduce stress and acquire better health. Their scientific approach and study has proven that anger and hateful emotions cause the immune system to crash for up to 6 hours following one such incident. Their methods and tapes can reduce harmful emotions and bring the immune system back up from the previously stressed levels. Research on the effects of the immune system were conducted under rigorous scientific conditions and are available to the public.