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CHAPTER THREE: DRISANA, the Tibetan Spiritual Energy. Throughout history the Tibetans have long been known for intensely powerful and highly aspiring religion, spirituality and philosophy. Many incredible stories were brought back to Europe by travelers of highly evolved spiritual leaders and their inspiring accomplishments and knowledge. Today, this is reinforced by loyal followers of their methods of higher consciousness. One only need think of the Dali Lama and his constant pursuit of world and inner peace, and you know there are millions of minds meeting in the collective conscious toward this purpose.

Anyone with a serious spiritual pursuit will be interested in Drisana because of the many attunements to help purify, cleanse and balance the chakras, subtle bodies and the physical body. The Tibetans have had tremendous experience and retained vast knowledge along these lines; they have also blessed us with a versatile energy system. Working with energies is a master key in spiritual evolution and can cut decades from the time to your enlightenment.

Could you imagine a subtle energy system that has more versatility and variability to change you and your clients profoundly? It would have the healing ability of other systems and also combined with the ability to accelerate your spiritual evolution and the potential to enhancing future incarnations. Drisana can bring you out ahead of previous work that you have done in the past whether you are Christian , Buddhist, Jewish or any denomination or path. This is accomplished with multiple attunements in the first workshop which covers aspects of our lives on all planes. Each level has attunements that work with all seven planes, and each level works with one special plane that proceeds from the ground up. This creates a more complete, balanced and fulfilling system to work with, allows you to advance spiritually and not be "in the clouds" but remain grounded.

Drisana is one of the most powerful healing systems, and like Huna it is also a very practical spiritual connection. The Tibetan Drisana system can open up energy channels known as Nadis which carry subtle energies in your body and mind. This allows an improvement in the flow of all energy systems you now use or will learn in the future. As you advance through the levels in Drisana, you can run all your energies at a higher power settings with the Nadi strands open. Do you need more power?? Most of the time you don't need to be super powered but occasionally you may have a limited time to help someone or wish to advance faster.

This quote is from the Spiritual Unfoldment Network quarterly newsletter written by Irving Feurst.

"Each level of Drisana contains an unusually large number of empowerments, many of which have no parallel in any other system. An example is the use of "power settings", which enable you to increase the force of not just Drisana but any subtle energy system. If you have been initiated into any other energy system, you will be able to use this empowerment to run that energy stronger than you ever have before. "

"Drisana is one of only a few energy systems in the world which work with all seven planes of reality - the physical, emotional, mental, Buddhic, atmic, monadic and the cosmic. Most systems neglect the atmic and monadic. Unless we can connect deeply into all seven planes, there is some part of us which feels incomplete.

"Drisana is the only energy system in the world that works by directly accessing the star tetrahedron shaped energy fields surrounding our six incarnation centers (also known as permanent atoms). Our physical body chakras, aura etc. are but manifestations of these fields.

" Most psychic healers use their personal energy to do the work while these systems use cosmic energies which offer a vast source of different rates and frequencies. To flow more energies this way, these energy systems open the Nadis and the strands inside them to hold and flow more energy and integrate it into our lives. The Nadis must be opened one at a time, and most people take lifetimes to open five strands. This is done with several levels of Drisana, also Huna, with time in between classes to integrate the changes.

Another concept with these energy systems is that they carry intelligence. When we run these energies they have the ability to go to where they are needed in the body and mind and to work on the problem. This amazing ability is like a computer program that has intelligence and can perform actions at blazing speed; but has no soul or life as we know it. This intelligence works further for you when you ask the energies to work on something specific. For example, you may ask Drisana to work on your headache or stomach ache and help out with that. This allows the ability to work generally or specifically on problems, and provides help in checking out the thousands of energy channels in our body and subtle bodies.