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CHAPTER FOUR: HUNA, the Hawaiian Traditional Energy. The Kahuna of Hawaii kept their secrets hidden from the western world. The Huna or "Secret" is out now and you can learn and use the ancient systems preserved by the Hawaiian ancestors. If you are seeking a down to earth, heart-centered spiritual system to keep you balanced then Huna is your calling. Huna is a wonderful spiritual and healing system that has been brought out of hiding and is available here on the mainland. Huna is a major world spiritual tradition and gives us a call to the heart.

Ancient isolated cultures are, perhaps, the best record of uncorrupted religion in the world. Hawaii was just such a place, their spiritual systems uncorrupted in the middle of the Pacific for most of existent when the western sailors appeared. Such concealed cultures were often forced to keep their deepest religion and mysteries securely hidden after the western settlers came with the intent to "civilize them". For centuries Hawaiians held a wonderful mystical and spiritual system with the information passed down through many generations verbally, and through dance. The Christian missionaries, in their rampant desire to rub out the old religions, simply ignored and suppressed the Hawaiian native religion and spirituality. This is truly a mistake for the missionaries could have learned vast amounts of loving caring methods from one of the oldest most pure religions on the planet.

This fact came to light in the 1900's through the writings of a famous westerner with an open mind named Max Freedom Long. Good old Max found the deeply religious techniques and wisdom already used for centuries by the Hawaiians also present in many of the worlds religions. The Huna system had more of them in one system, therefore, had a complete religion / psychology / philosophy path, more than most on our planet.

Max's understanding of this knowledge is best seen in his book : "Huna Code in Religion", where correlation's with other religions are revealed. The book examines the similarities in various religions and does not dwell on their differences, as most of us and the leaders do. Max Freedom Long looks into the deep hidden meanings in other writings from around the world. Max cracked the secret code in the Hawaiian language, which was an oral and dance tradition of passing on the secrets. For example, the word "Hawaii" can mean supreme breath by the water, while today we may see it as supreme breath work by the water. There can be several meanings for each word or component in the Hawaiian language. Hidden meanings are always present, and the esoteric content is remarkable.

Today, several groups teach the work of the Hawaiian Kahuna and their ancient secrets from Max Long or others who actively follow the Huna philosophy. Some are held in Hawaii and others on the mainland and in the mid west there is an organization on Huna research. One is advertised on the Internet (under Huna) and Serge King is well known in Hawaii. A few groups of teachers on the mainland are doing advanced Huna work, one is run by Irving Feurst (SUN) and the other is Laura Yardley, both are in California. Realize that Huna is a major world spiritual tradition, as powerful as others, but less known.

The Huna system taught by the SUN network follows the Malaka tradition and, like Drisana, has several attunements with each level. The Hawaiian Huna system of energy work is both a form of laying on of hands and a spiritual path, and comes with a very reasonable price. The source is from the ancient Polynesian systems found at the root of the Hawaiian culture, there are parallels to many South Pacific island paths of religion. One of the BEST parts of Huna is the belief that everyone should pursue the paths of spirituality, not only an elite core of the privileged few. Which is a very practical way of addressing the issue as many find a dead end with other religions, unless they choose to devote their entire life to follow a restricted lifestyle.

If you have visited Hawaii, you certainly know that the subtle energy found there is heart oriented and cherished by romantic vacationers and honeymooners. It is claimed that Hawaii is the heart chakra of the world. Huna is both open-hearted and open-minded. The Hawaiian Kahuna were open to other beliefs and the SUN teachers agree that all knowledge does not come from one source. Be open to studying other religions, examine esoteric traditions from around the world to get a complete picture of life.

Quoting from the SUN network quarterly newsletter by Irving Feurst: "Known as HUNA (meaning "secret"), the Hawaiian spiritual tradition places equal emphasis on connecting with your spirituality and connecting with the earth, your body, and your emotions. Rather than teaching transcendence of the physical plane, HUNA teaches us to celebrate life, to merge matter and spirit."

"The HUNA philosophy believes that the key to living a fulfilled life lies in the awakening and integration of your subconscious self, conscious self, and higher self. It offers us a profound beautiful philosophy of life centered in love and the vision of humankind, nature, and the divine as harmonious parts of a cosmic community. But Huna is not just a philosophy; more than anything else Huna is something you do! It gives us a set of practices that are simple yet, when used regularly, profoundly transformational. To bring in energy, direct it, and integrate it is a key to spiritual advancement.

" The SUN network teaches a sequence of classes called "Huna ." The ancient Hawaiians used the word Kahuna (literally "keeper of the secret") to refer to a practitioner of Huna and here we use the word "healing" in the full sense of "making whole". (The English words "heal" and "whole" come from the same old English root). Like all SUN classes, Kahuna Healing is an initiation workshop in which you receive powerful attunements that you can then access at any time, for yourself or others, by mentally directing the flow (no visualization, mantras, etc. ). The workshop leader is trained in the Malaka tradition of Huna. The teacher transmits directly to the student, through permanent empowerments of the student's energy field, abilities which would otherwise take decades to develop. This is called "Shakti" in India and "Empowerments" in Buddhism.

To help understand the inner workings of the Kahuna knowledge you should have a taste of the structures of the system and relate it to western psychology and philosophy. The Hawaiian's viewed people as consisting of three parts that make up the individuals being. The lower self (Unihipili) or what we discovered centuries later as the subconscious which is located in the solar plexus and body. This special part is not apparent to our thinking mind, but stores our life's events and powers. Our ability to store life energies or forms of "CHI" are contained there, as well as separate "minds" such as the abdominal brain and the Heart where many people listen for information. The Institute of Heartmath in Santa Cruz, California works with the mind of the heart and teaches people to communicate with this vast part of the lower self and look inward for answers about ourselves.

The second part that we most often get stuck in all too often is the conscious (Uhane) or middle self. This is our daily mind, in our head, that gets us through our daily lives that most of us relate to. This part of us is often disconnected from the lower self. Many have conflicts between these two selves which can cause extensive problems both mental and psychosomatic illnesses. Interaction between our lower and higher self is revealed in our dreams and desires, they can be accessed by hypnosis so we may find answers to these conflicts. The Hawaiian Kahunas used many methods and had more knowledge about complex psychology than ever experienced by western medicine.

The top of the chain is the higher self (Aumakua) or the superconscious which is the connection to the higher beings such as the Creator and Angels. The Hawaiians refer to the higher self as "older utterly trustworthy" parental spirit or "guide". In the Spiritual Unfoldment Network it is referred to as the Solar Angel and is an intersection of your soul and the guardian angel just above your head (Some call it the Eighth Chakra). This is where most of western science and belief stops short. The Higher self has divine qualities such as patience, love and compassion. When the three selves are out of alignment they can cause disease and emotional upset. In Huna, the goal in life is seen as awakening and being in touch with the three selves. When our three selves are aligned and in harmony this is conductive to happiness. I have found this to be true.

Getting the three selves to communicate and work harmoniously is the key to getting things together in the spiritual world, which is why Huna is a very balanced system to learn. There is an emphasis on being grounded and being present in the heart, as well as reaching for the cosmic light to expand our spiritual evolution. The miracle producing abilities of the Kahunas are achieved by using Mana or life energy sent up from the lower to the higher self while using a deep breathing prayer technique. The details are covered in several good books at the end of the chapter. This is called the "HA RITE" and is taught in the Spiritual Unfoldment network Huna 1 workshop.

Conflicts between the conscious and unconscious selves are today recognized as repressed emotions. Psychosomatic illness is another term used but Hawaiians have known about this hidden issue for hundreds of years before Freud chomped his first cigar. Methods in Huna actually dissolve emotional conflict at the unconscious level without having to experience the problem or issue and having it come to the surface. This is a profound tool for the hypnotherapist, who normally has their patient relive the experience and then empower themselves