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CHAPTER FIVE: ANGELS are Here and Clear. Angels are our bio-computer network to the cosmic world and you can connect to incredible guides and helpers by learning to link up. There are wonderful cosmic energies to be found if you can open up your mind and receive help through these incredible blessings. Our ancestors had been more connected with, and interacted with the higher self and the Angels, also they were more in contact with nature and spirits before they were taken over by "civilization".

Few have a good definition of what angels are, or what they can do for our lives and spiritual pursuit. For centuries we have been separated and pulled away from them, but now is THE time to reconnect for many benefits. Today there is a big interest in Angels and what they are telling us, and sales of Angel products being sold for millions of dollars, to remind us on a daily basis of their presence among us. Here you will find some of their purpose in your life and if that pleases you, then definitely do pursue the references shown and classes.

Angels are spiritual beings that are on a separate yet parallel evolutionary path beside ours. They are complementary to humans and we can help with each others evolution. They benefit from our relationship in that they are in a process of descending down through the planes while we are moving up. I refer to the guardian angel as a solar angel in a general term because guarding over us is only part of their job. It is of mutual benefit to work with Angels and it can be vastly rewarding.

Angels have a definite purpose: they help us follow a spiritual and personal evolutionary path. They also have side purposes that are well known to people who have encountered them such as the role of being a "Guardian Angel" that watches over us, warns and prevents major disaster. There are many stories about people being helped by a "stranger" with whom they felt total trust in, but when they looked back the helper has disappeared. To some, Angels appear in their full Etheric winged form to bring news or guidance. If you have not encountered yours, then maybe you are following the path and there is no need for them to interfere or interact with your life, so don't sweat it!

Angels are not "dead people with wings and lots of time on their hands," rather they are bodiless beings on a parallel path and trying to both help and also learn from us. They are on a higher plane, learning to descend or condensing to our level and we are on a lower plane trying to move up towards their world. Through interaction we improve our lives while improving theirs in group advancement and cooperation, and this is an evolution of the future. They are dual to us and we to them, and we are moving toward a point in between where we someday hope to meet.

We have a wonderful advantage on Earth in that we have "free will" and can choose our path without interference. Angels have respect for this freedom and, therefore, will not "bust" us for acting stupid nor treat us like children, rather they work with us. Most of us are aware of the presence of our own personal Angel by the inner voice called intuition. One type of Angel is assigned to us for our life, which is our solar or guardian Angel and they act as an interface to the Creator and the higher Angelic kingdom. Just as we have specialists in our culture, so there are other Angels that have specialized purposes to perform.

The "higher self" is a term commonly used in Spirituality like the Huna system which means a blend of our soul and the Guardian angel working together for spiritual advancement. This is often shown as an eighth chakra above the head, which looks like a number eight on its side, or like an infinity symbol floating about one foot above (Tarot cards). You can train yourself to communicate with your solar angel and ask for help or guidance, then actually ask questions and receive "yes" or "no" answers and later full instructions. To most, this seems bizarre only because we've never been taught how to do it. Think about the apprehension you felt the first time you encountered a video game or computer and how little of those emotions and fears were even valid.

Angels can be more than simply a guide or physical helper. In an emergency they can bring about physical manifestation with powerful results. Angels overlook entire countries and states as well as support spiritual business and football Angles must be gnarly! Many books (including Koran, Torah and the Bible) tell stories of their great deeds and there are sightings by large groups who have seen the same vision of Angels even on battlefields and other startling places. In some encounters that the Angel does not appear as anything other than another person who has the answer that we need or provides the tool or skill to fix an immediate problem. These are commonly experienced when you are in trouble and suddenly someone appears out of nowhere to help, and then disappears into thin air. It is common to see or project an image of someone whom that person respects or believes in a mentor from the past. This type of projection of a certain superficial image from the mind is beneficial for faith in the help offered from the Angel. Other sightings are truly an intense experience in an emergency or critical time when the individual is definitely at the end of their rope or they need a dramatic change in life to survive. Many ask " If angels are available to us at all times, why do they let so many suffer on this over-stressed planet, and why can't we connect more easily." Their job is not to interfere with or change our suffering or struggling but to respect our free will. Buddhists know that most of our suffering is created in our minds and can be stopped there. For example, world hunger could end if not for people's politics. There are various reasons that we have been disconnected from the Angels which I'll discuss next, but the key thing is that we can reconnect and benefit tremendously from such a reunion.

The Christian religion that most of us were raised with went through a period of emerging from other religions, actually it evolved during early Roman times which affects us today. Edgar Caycee spoke about how the early bible was more extensive, and was then edited by Constantinople and other religious leaders. Sanskrit bible transcripts (recently made public after forty years) have supported Caycee's historical anthology. Politically, church leaders had dropped the reincarnation philosophy for the Heaven / Hell rules, which meant a more exoteric trend in church leadership. Leaders wanted the public to access the Creator through them rather than develop abilities to communicate directly with the Angels.

Church leaders wanted to have exclusive access to the Angelic kingdom. After all, if we knew how to access the Angels ourselves why would we need such leaders for?? Ancient cultures such as the Hawaiians rely on the Solar Angel for daily guidance and regard them as a normal part of their makeup. There has been a thinning of the "Veil" and people have become more open to the Angels. Consider the popularity of books and statues with Angels. Many people around the world are connecting and learning about the huge network available to us if we make the effort and reach out to this forgotten part of our psyche. If you want to connect more with angels, working with angels can vary in many ways. You may have trouble tuning in, and it can take months or years, but with patience you will find it very rewarding.

Psychologically, there is much resistance to Angels and being able to connect with them and have confidence to get results. Often we have blocks or fears that prevent us from getting our requests through and wishes fulfilled. One book that should be first on your list if Angels are interesting to you is " Ask Your Angels." We all have conscious and unconscious blocks, and resistance to authority figures from the past upbringing by parents, teachers and mentors that we had bad experiences with. This colors our view of an authority figure such as angels or the religious leaders as well; also we project those fears and judgment onto them incorrectly. It is extremely hard to turn off bias, more so when you can't physically meet these etheric beings.

The first recommendation for contacting your solar Angel is to ground, and the second is to release any fear, judgment or resistance to your request or fear of receiving help from the Angelic network. Most have fears of receiving something that will change their lives and make us adapt to a new path. There may be unconscious guilt about not being worthy of receiving something. Many will need regular practice to get past these blocks; some will drop out without trying if they get little or no results, so do not have unrealistic expectations! Start with simple things to ask or receive. None of this, "Oh lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz..."

Many people fear that connecting with the creator or believe that it is sinful to approach the creator without divine help. Others will not try, fearful that the vengeful, wrathful, angry God will punish them with lightning, or worse. Ben Franklin was condemned by church members when he played with a kite and key during a lightning storm to prove electrical activity. The clergy felt that lightning was God's punishment, and not man's to play with. We would still be using candles and wood fires if that belief had stopped inventors like Ben Franklin.

Many good books and classes are available to teach you how to connect with the Angel that will be your buddy. The SUN teachers have several classes with attunements that improve communication and run Angel energies. They are low cost ($40) and take a half day to receive attunements and instruction. Meditation attunements are included in some classes to take home and use daily and work well with techniques taught in "Ask Your Angels" such as the mantra "EE NU RA." Both books and general classes without attunements can improve your connection to the higher self with active methods and meditations, however attunements do help. Some books are only accounts of peoples encounters while others give techniques and meditations. Books on encounters you may want to request from the local library while others like "Ask Your Angels" you may wish to own as a reference guide. "Angels Within Us" by Randolph Price is another.