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CHAPTER SEVEN: EARTH ENERGIES The earth is our lifeline, our home, our mother and our healing power tool for clearing of negative energies that plague us. As a child I was amazed by water springs that filtered the muddy rain to produce the clear wonderful tasting liquid that flowed constantly from earth for drinking. Perhaps you have marveled that the earth possesses this purification process built into the land, one that can clean out the impurities in a short distance underground. The earth has intelligence and is constantly showing us that it can take on negative energies that we release. Ancient cultures had a much more intimate relationship and knowledge of the earth's energetic aspects and its interaction with humans. The concept of the planet having intelligence is common in the old days.

Geomancy is the study and use of etheric energies in the earth. These include "power points," ley lines and effects from underground water, streams and faults. The Asian arts call it Feng Shui, which works with the balance of the yin and yang energies and their effects on the surface of the earth. There is both western and eastern geomancy: each have their own methods of application and goals. Dowsing is the most common application in the west, although we have much to learn about this etheric access.

The etheric energies the earth breathes in and out are readily available to the power points. This constant breathing of the life and chemical ether of earth is part of what controls the weather. That is one big key that is missed by the weather in discerning weather patterns. This has been explored by several scientists and has unheard of applications.

The earth produces incredible artistic communication outward with the crop circles and they show an intense geometric patterns similar to sacred geometry. These are incredibly complex, mathematically, and have profound visual effects. Many are too bizarre to "fake" quickly and correlate with the Magnetic fields changing in the 1990's. The earth resonance is going up (with some spikes) and the magnetic field is dropping!! Awakening to Zero point is a video to check out about some of the amazing changes taking place.

These Subtle Energies are mostly very thin and light in their effects, with a few exceptions. One of the most powerful and useful are the earth's power points. Only a small number of western people knew of these places of importance until recently. The earth flows the energy out of the point of the ley line intersections slightly, until the special days of alignment called the "solstice." These are summer, winter, May Day and Halloween seasonal changes, like the longest summer day before the celestial change in the cycle. Scientists still have not grasped the meaning of the structures at the power points. Energy flows at power points like a tide change during the solstice, flowing out of the vortex power points.

Stonehenge and other "calendar" type monuments are a good example. Most archaeologists think the purpose is huge accurate calendar with the star alignment vectors at Stonehenge were for planting crops. WRONG! These structures were often built away from agricultural areas, and the farmers of that time would more likely look at the local plants to predict the time to plant the seeds, which is a much better indicator. The reason for a huge accurate calendar based on sun, star alignments was to place themselves at exactly the right time for the surge of etheric energy to flow through. This was a sacred time of ceremonial activity and is carried out all over Asia and other cultures by millions for spiritual and psychic activities. (See Geomancy books)

There is speculation that the pineal gland in the brain is a receiver of cosmic rays. The earth breathes in and out many spectrums of energy, causing stimulating effects to our hidden receptors. Subtle energy systems often pull energies from the cosmos such as specific stars and even the solar logos. It makes sense that with the earth's cycles of seasons, the shift of energies would occur at the solstice, or change of season. Astral alignments also affect this pull on the earth's storage and flowing like spinning a wet sponge in a circle.

These powerful sources of energy may be a result of the many things flow into the earth such as gravity, solar emissions, and magnetic field energies. Various "Earth" energies emerge at different points and give different reactions to the individual at these locations. It can release emotions, heal and give "visions" to the person tuned to this power. I doubt that it will fix your VW beetle's water pump problem, so don't get too excited! The characteristics vary with each power point and Martin Gray has given one of the best descriptions of what each point can do for you. You may have extraordinary experiences, AS I HAD!

The popular power point today is in Sedona which is a hot tourist spot, although there are many all over the planet. A power point may have several outlets in one area, such as springs, rock outcroppings and often mountain tops. This is why stories of "gurus" that go to the mountain top, meditate and draw energy. The Bible refers often to important miracles on mountain tops. The Sermon on the Mount, Mount Lebanon, Jesus ascended from the top of a mountain and Moses went up on the mount.

In American history such sites are the sacred land of native American Indians, please respect them and honor the ceremonies held there for the spiritual aspects of these earth people. These power points are very valuable to us if we can educate ourselves on the proper uses of energy for good of all and not for selfish reasons like greed or lower frequency things.

One theory of the Russians is that there is a giant crystal structure in the earth's core (maybe the hot iron core solidified OR spinning inside a Geo- structure) Power points are at the peak of the points of this multifaceted shape. This makes sense when you look at the large number of them along the north and south, 30'th parallel of the earth's latitudes. This includes the pyramids, also Native American Indian sacred places, I predict there will be a rash of them discovered in the South American jungles in the near future, along the southern 30'th parallel or those ley lines.

We are tuned into the earth through the iron in our blood. This connection was noticed by Wilhelm Reich and Orgone accumulators in their structure of steel, or steel wool for collecting life energy. Reich avoided using other metals because of our compatibility with the iron metal which is the supposed core of the earth. Crystal structures are known to resonate in similar ways, sympathetically, and we resonate with the earth when doing healing work. It is often seen that our brain waves link up the earth's resonance, or Shuman rate of 7.8 to 8 cycles per second when doing healing energy flows. Today we see a shifting in this frequency as well as magnetic fields. (See Awakening to Zero Point.)

Our ancient ancestors were more in tune the Earth with their connections. They used the Pyramids all over the earth to ground the energies to the earth's dimensions. They also used Obelisks in many forms all over the planet, and someone did on Mars too. They knew things that make you wonder and envy their wisdom. This knowledge is part of us, in the very DNA from our ancestors.

Think about the science involved in the design and building of the pyramids! This was not "primitive culture baby steps". There were some serious, math-loving people involved in the structure with all of it's proportions. The shape of the great pyramids show a sophisticated device combining many features in one structure. It is a tuning device proportioned to the earth's dimensions used itself to tune the earth and it's celestial resonances. Pyramids may be located over specific power points that, in their time have been useful for several applications.

Cultures more in tune with nature and its subtle energies know how to find power points through the feeling in their bodies and perhaps a dowsing instrument. In Europe, they marked the power points with a stone that often stood up. This made it easier to find it later, while doing nomadic traveling. These swirling vortexes of power were used before the Roman Christians occupied Europe. When the church tried to convert the people, they kept returning to their favorite sacred place, against the priest's strict orders. The first attempts to eradicate this "superstition" were to break up the rocks marking the point. Then, Roman orders came down to keep the locals happy while "lording over them" through conversion to Christianity.

The church leaders soon got the clue to build a new church on the power point and sensed the energies with ley lines radiating from them. When the order came from the Vatican, churches were built over the original rock marking the spot. The locals could come to the spot, be healed, feel good, and the church could call it "Mary's healing rock "or some such. The structure was lined up so that the center aisle followed ley lines out the door and down the street up to the front of the church. Previously called the devils work, now is "the church's healing" when parishioners pray to the saint there. These miracle cures were pointed out to be from saint "so-and-so," Mother Mary or Jesus. (Geomancy books are highly recommended!)

I had no concept of this when I went to churches on vacation in Europe. I went to the Notre Dame church in Paris and stepped inside. An emotional feeling of pleasant admiration and awe came over me. The statues were beautiful and the emotional release continued and became more intense until I left. A similar thing happened in the art museum called the Petite Palace also in Paris. Different emotions were drawn out at each place I visited. It was not until years later that I learned these places were built on power points which was the cause of my reaction, not the art I had observed. At an art museum in Italy where eight to ten percent of those visiting leave the place crying or catatonic. This is due to the various characteristics of the power point energies and frequencies.