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CHAPTER EIGHT: What does Science say about it all? Modern science says much about subtle energy, ether energy, life energy, but few believe or listen to what these great scientists have to say. Tremendous discoveries have been suppressed, ignored or blatantly destroyed in order to protect invested business interests and / or medical technology. Science is now taking a second look and is slowly changing its mind, but this is like turning an ocean liner around to a new direction. It will take time.

Western science does not like "Ether Energy" or subtle energy because some say that it comes from "another dimension". This "magical place" is not acceptable to analytical science due to lack of proof. However, the growing handfuls of "Quantum scientists" now are seeing a much different world from what we learned in college and high school. Theories of parallel universes have been proved quite possible and are gaining.

If you study the scientists from about 200 years ago, you will find that most of them believed in some sort of ether energy. Some of the modern scientists have pushed its existence with little success, Nicoli Tesla is one. Scientists like Plato, Newton, Faraday, many others, were believers in the ether energies and what they could do. Why do modern scientists differ? Some of this is education, if you are taught a "law" of physics, you will probably never try to break it. Other countries have a different attitude thus they have made great inroads. Some have scientific systems that date back 3,000 years or more, they also have much evidence that subtle energy can be manipulated to benefit health.

In Asian systems there are five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and "Ether." To describe the element Ether you would have to name as many characteristics, for example the element water. Water can be clean and rain from the sky, or it can be murky like the Mississippi River. You may have clear water to wash your face, or get splashed by a mud puddle in New York City. To define the element ether is to look at the many characteristics and traits as found in any of the other four elements.

The scientific community now looks at the vacuum energy, another name for ether energy. The Ether name is one to be avoided in the physics industry, unless you wish to lose your job or grant money. Now it is called the vacuum energy, therefore they do not have to admit they made a mistake years ago when they wrote ether off as "nonexistent."

The scientific community found "free" energy floating around in a vacuum, which they called vacuum energy. The concept is simple: in outer space there must be a medium for light to pass from the stars, because of the wave theory of light. To have waves, there must be a medium. If you throw a rock into a pond, it makes waves. If there is no water in the pond, mud does not make waves. Simply put: SPACE IS NOT EMPTY!

Remember, you're not in Kansas anymore and the scientist's names and terms will not be familiar, but stick with the Yellow Brick Road for the tornado is just starting. Hang loose with Toto, for your adventure is upon you. Scientist name Term for energy: =========================================================== L.E. Eeman X force Wilhelm Reich Orgone or life energy C. Von Rickenbach Odic force Francis Mesmer Animal Magnetism Rudolph Steiner Life Force or Ether body John Keely Spirit Russian Science Bio-energy Asian Science CHI India Prana To arrive at a definition of the Subtle energies you must think of a substance so small it is less than the size of the electron. It is more like light that sits still or moves slowly, and can be seen only by special methods. If you build a pile of it by concentrating it, then it can be fully visible to the human eye under darker conditions. Many scientists and ancient cultures worked and played with these energies and produced vast evidence of its existence and the sources of its origin. Compared to the neutrino, it is also small enough to be very elusive and hard to detect.

Some Etheric Sources

: -SUN: the sun emits tremendous power in many spectrums. If you think of energy coming from the sun in the form of heat, light and the photosynthesis for all the plants on earth, all together it is only one billionth of what is sent out by the sun into solar system. OH, and we have a smaller star! The sun puts out neutrinos, light, gamma, ultraviolet, infrared, x-rays and many others. It puts out tremendous etheric energy in large amounts, solar prana.

-EARTH: The earth takes in many things, including gravity, neutrinos and magnetic fields. What does it put out? From power points on the surface, it pushes up energy vortexes, more at certain times of the year, mainly at the solstices. Geomancy is the study of earth energies through many methods. You can develop a sensitivity to the earth energies and use it for dowsing a particular underground item. Most cultures have used dowsing for centuries, in China they often consult the Feng Shui practitioner before constructing a new building to see if it matches well with the nature of the land. Building designs are even changed to accommodate the nature of the land.

-GENERATORS: Devices available from sources like "Borderland Science" and "Tools for Exploration" put out the energy at certain rates. These little generators have no moving parts and some use magnets to pull etheric energy from the magnetic interactions and the human body. They can be used for enhancing your own energy, and will pick you up when your energy is down. Some of this is the result of discoveries from the Egyptians who knew many things of an advanced scientific nature. Egyptian mummies were found to have a crook and flail in their hands which were a disguise for a rod of carbon and a rod of magnetic lodestone. Held in the hands, these give an energetic feeling and it makes a great replacement for coffee to wake up!

-CONCENTRATORS and FOCUSING: pyramids, spiral coils, and crystal tools. (lasers are crystal based). The pyramid of Cheops may have been used as a ram water pump, and also to energize the water for the improvement of agricultural crop growth. The Borderland Science Magazine has articles about this. -PEOPLE: People have had the ability to heal with the "laying on of hands." Most religions have miracles that changed the molecular structures in a flash. Today there is a return to therapeutic touch in nursing, Reiki from Japan. Acupuncture pushes the energy around the body to tune it up, like tweaking an analog electronics system. Groups can build the life energy charge in large amounts with the use of spiritual dances and rituals with exotic purposes. You too can tap into the "wall of light" that many scientists know about.

What can it be used for today? An east European man found that a razor could be sharpened by placing it beneath a pyramid shape aligned north, and he was granted a patent for sharpening blades. Next, the pyramid could be used for just about anything, such as making your Volvo engine block last longer. Many wild claims became known but one was quite valuable to the ancient cultures. This was proved by several experiments with seeds "charged" under the pyramid shape, which make them sprout and grow faster and larger. One theory now gaining momentum is that the great pyramid was once a huge ram water pump that treated the water that was used to humidify the desert air and water the fertile desert crops.(Czechoslovakian patent #91304.)

Charged crop seeds and water would be a big advantage to a city population with people who need a good agricultural base. Two scientists at different locations arrived at the theory of the huge pyramid ram water pump. Further investigations may tie other theories on free energy power involved in flowing water through the system. These are shown in Borderland Magazine, Box 220, Bayside California. 95524.

In order to have a large city population, in that particular country, they must have powerful agricultural farming to feed the masses. The health of the people and all society is often tied to the strength of the food chain. To be able to grow better crops with "charged water" is of great value to the early Egyptian population's well being, more so in the desert.

Ancient healers through-out time used a technique of pushing a special energy out of the hands which gives life energy to the sick, and causes amazing results. A wonderful saying by Edgar Cayce is "Vibration is that same energy, same power, ye call God". Much of these techniques lay dormant in the esoteric writings of eastern and western countries. The mystical paths to gain access and attune to these energy frequencies are being opened up and are accessible to all who want it. There are numerous scientific studies about the effects of subtle energies, but mainstream medicine and science in down plays them or ignores them. Laying on of hands increases good enzymes while reducing bad enzymes.

Studies at Stanford University show these energies can penetrate a foot of lead. Other scientific studies show effects of distant healing from thousands of miles away on cloud chambers in a lab. Acupuncturists have measurement devices for the Chi that they manipulate and this is slowly being accepted by the medical field. The evidence is there, but it will take time for people to adapt their thinking.

Scientists like Lahovski cured chronic diseases with an electrical Multiple Wave Oscillator. Wilhelm Reich could reduce cancer growth and reverse early cancers with a simple accumulator device. Ruth Drown could diagnose diseases and cure them with a box of variable resistors without electricity! Most of this was done through sympathetic vibrations of just the right frequency. Some scientists could control the weather with mechanical devices that draw off the atmospheric ether energy from the sky and clouds. They could also bring green plants to the desert.

Wilhelm Reich gives a good explanation of why the mainstream science and society rejects and condemns the evidence of life energy (and subtle energy). Refer to Reich's book, "The Emotional Plague." Much of this involves deep psychology and the armoring that many people in our society carry with them, restricts the energy within them. Those with authoritarian backgrounds tend to suppress the life energy and smother those promoting access to it.

Some scientists gave more than their time and money to develop and discover applications. They gave their flesh and blood. Some were persecuted to death, it is our honor to seek out the truth, so that we all can benefit and advance our human evolution. Seek the truth beyond what the schools and business want for their financial gain, and you will have pride in your work. You can make a name for yourself by pushing the borders of both science and spirit.

Exotic devices described and demonstrated by Tesla and John Keely have shown that actual electrical power can be pulled from ether, or the wall of light as it is described. Today, science investigates the "vacuum energy" that Tesla and Keely played with over 100 years ago! For years the earth energy was tapped into, using underground plates to charge the old fashioned batteries used by the phone company . Earth batteries were used by the telephone industry to power long distance communication lines. This was free energy from the earth in low voltages - that were used to power circuits.

Free energy devices have been shown and some have demonstrated the ability well, few revealed the clues that are keys to a revolution in free power. The creators taking the secrets to the grave. They may not be simply tapping into the "wall of light" but also through vibrational releasing of the etheric energy into physical mechanical energy. Tesla transmitted power without lines and had only a three percent loss through the air, but he advocated providing free electrical power to people all around the world. This caused backers like Edison, Westinghouse and others to pull back their funding and support because this meant no money in it for them, once the systems were built. It's always sad when money gets in the way of a great idea and screws it up. Who wants to give electrical power away when you can sell it to generations of people! (In California) Free power may not be a blessing, because power corrupts, thus free power may create a more wasteful society that is not ready for it. Often, technical advancements are grabbed up by the military for destructive purposes used by governments. We already have enough abilities and talents in this area. Go boldly forth, study, and the truth will come out as to how little we know about our universe, and how much value there is in the ancient knowledge.

Religion has used earth energy power points for ritual ceremonies to increase higher consciousness and see visions of worlds unknown. Yes, even the Catholic church uses etheric energies that they will tell you is "the devils work," if not applied by them. If you believe this is rarely used by religions, then read about the pilgrimages in Asia. In India, one location every four years is used as a stopping point for 11 (or more) MILLION people for several days to worship at the energy point. They know this is a very important place, and the correct time to perform many religious actions and make big spiritual advancements. Church steeples and spires are an antennae to focus life energy collected within the congregation. This is of benefit to those who are not sensitive to the energies.