Rich Simms DM 160A Exercise 3


This exercise explores the creation of (X)HTML lists and some simple "formatting" using emphasis, strong emphasis, break and horizontal rule elements.

Various types of lists

Lets first do a unordered list. The type attribute will be set to "square" at the list level and "circle" for the third list item. The third list item will also be empasized.

List 1 - Anatomical names of the five digits

Next, lets do an ordered list. The type attribute will be set to "A" at the list level and an "a" for the third list item. The word "many" in the headline will be empasized and one word of each list item will be marked as strong.

List 2 - Removing the dark green stains on hands after picking many pecks of tomatoes

  1. Select a very ripe tomato
  2. Squish this tomato till it bursts
  3. Rub your hands together spreading the tomato juice over the dark green stains
  4. Rinse your hands in water
  5. Wipe hands on pants (optional)

Now lets play with a definition list. Trying multiple definition data (dd) elements on some of the definition term (dt) elements

List 3 - Some Favorites

Nimbus - bathing in the merger melting pot
Ridgeview - the new goals
Sandbox - fonts, colors, vectors, sweetlips technology, 2647, beaches
EasyChart - late nights, cigars, underground guerrillas
Pertner - Almost, just about, "pretty near"
Catywampus - crooked
Ann Arbor
Remus (especially around St. Michaels)
Sault Ste. Marie (the locks)
Annecy (the river jail)
Forest of Nisene Marks
Lands End

OK, lets actually try some nested lists

List 4 - Life forms

  1. Terestrial
    1. Animals
      1. Humans
        1. Those that know how to design web sites
        2. Those that don't know how to design web sites
      2. Bugs
        1. Good bugs
          • Honey bees
          • Butterflys
          • Lady bugs
        2. Bad bugs
          • Mosquitos
          • Software defects
          • Killer bees
      3. Birds
      4. Teenagers
        1. Ones that drive
        2. Ones that are learning to drive
        3. Ones that don't drive (yet)
    2. Plants
      1. Strawberries
        1. The kind that really taste good
        2. The kind that can be shipped anywhere and have longer shelf life
      2. Weeping Willows
      3. Sweet Alyssum
      4. Queen Anne's Lace
  2. Extra-terestrial
    1. Martians
    2. Vulcans
    3. Black monolith builders
    4. Klingons

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