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Rich Simms DM 160A Exercise 6

This exercise explores publishing simple and nested lists of text and images.
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Basic Table

Fall Semester 2006
(Classes start week of August 28)
Class Description Teacher Day Time Room Web Site
DM 160B Web Publishing II John Govsky Mo 11:10am - 1:20pm 1303 Home Page
CIS 83 Intermediate Routing and Switching Rick Graziani Mo 5:30pm - 9:45pm 2502 Home Page
CIS 191AB UNIX/Linux System Administration Jim Griffin Th 1:00pm-5:15pm 2501 Home Page
SPAN 1 Beginning Spanish Kim Arzate Fr 8:30am-12:45pm 1093 none

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Invisible Table


Matthias Müller No Photo
  • Blacksmith
  • b: 05-My-1827 (Theley, Prussia)
  • d: 27-Jan-1861 (Formosa, Ontario)
  • Canada
Magdelina Mueller Magdelina Mueller
  • Homemaker
  • b: 28-Aug-1834 (Williamsville, NY)
  • d: 15-Aug-1914 (Mildmay, Ontario, Canada)


John M. Miller John M. Miller
  • Blacksmith
  • b: 24-Dec-1852 (Rainham, Ontario, Canada)
  • d: 25-Jul-1919 (Manistee MI)
Augustus Miller Augustus Miller
  • Harness maker, sign & house painter, inventor
  • b: 15-May-1855 (Rainham, Ontario, Canada)
  • d: 08-Aug-1881 (Mankato MN)
Alexander Matthias Miller Alexander Matthias Miller
  • Carriage maker, building contractor
  • b: 02-Dec-1857 (Formosa, Ontario, Canada)
  • d: 29-May-1941 (Alturas CA)
Paul Peter Miller Paul Peter Miller
  • Blacksmith
  • b: 12-Jun-1860 (Formosa, Ontario, Canada)
  • d: 17-Nov-1915 (Detroit MI)

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Nested Tables

Matthias Müller
Magdelina Mueller
John M. Miller
Veronica Fischer
Joseph Miller
Anna Veronica Miller
? Missert
Mary Magdelen Miller
Michael John Miller
Nellie Hayden
Catherine Veronica Miller
Frank J. Barrett
Veronica Frances Miller
John Jacob Miller
Mary Agnes Knight
Augustus Miller
Anna Isabelle Fowlds
May Margeret Miller
Peter Ducette
Matthias Alexander
Sarah Liberty
Alma Miller
Veronica Miller
Thomas Miller
George August Miller
Jenny Clark
Eunice Ruth Miller
(1) Alexander Morrell
(2) Ernest Adams
Magdalene "Bib" Deborah Miller
Earl Van Marter
Stillborn Baby
Alexander Matthias Miller
Sarah Florence Lush
Alexandera Maud Miller
Son (no name)
John Parker Miller
Louise Marion Arnold
Frances Dixon Miller
Francis Leoni
Paul Peter Miller
Veronica Fehrenbach
Daughter (no name)
Mae Miller
Frank Reimer
Albert Miller
Ann ?

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