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cover The Sacred Geometry of Pedestrians

Poems by Ken Weisner


Praise for The Sacred Geometry of Pedestrians:

“Weisner is a master of the unsung details that, as a whole, add up to a beautifully conceived collection bursting with abundant life.  And his poems hit a collective territory where time slows, slow enough to wipe the sweat off our proverbial brow. ”
         —from a review by Bruce Willey, Good Times, Feb 21, 2002.

“The other morning, when I didn’t have to run off to teach and could linger, I picked up Ken Weisner’s new book of poems, The Sacred Geometry of Pedestrians, and began reading.  Every fiber of my being woke up and started nodding its head in recognition of all I had forgotten.  Poetry wakes up the self that lives on the inside.”
         —from a review by Patrice Vecchione in the Tor House Newsletter (Summer, 2002)

“Ken Weisner’s powerful debut collection reveals a poet of true lyrical sensuality and a rare musical grace.  There is a delicate and calm beauty to these poems, as well as a sly humor.  Often, music itself becomes the metaphor for passage and harmony, as the poet charts those courses of benediction and hope and courage that his life and experience have allowed.  This is a remarkable book of intimate celebrations and worldly devotions.”
         —David St. John, author of The Red Leaves of Night and Study for the World’s Body

“Quiet, clear voice—lovely phrasing’a fine first book!”
         —Marilyn Chin, author of The Phoenix Gone, the Terrace Empty

Ken Weisner is a poet, teacher, and editor living in Santa Cruz.  For over fifteen years, Ken edited Quarry West, a literary journal published out of U.C. Santa Cruz, where he earned his PhD in American Literature in 1993.  Ken also has degrees from Oberlin College and the Iowa Writers Workshop.  He teaches English at De Anza College in addition to poetry writing through U.C. Extension.  Ken is currently a contributing editor to Red Wheelbarrow, the De Anza College Literary Journal.  Originally from Oakland, Ken is also a swimmer, softballista, French horn player, husband to pianist Kit Birskovitch, and father to two teenage boys.

The Sacred Geometry of Pedestrians by Ken Weisner
96 pages, paperback, $12, ISBN 0-9716373-0-X

Poems by Ken Weisner


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