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cover Sweetwater, Saltwater

Poems by Rosie King

Rosie King

Praise for Sweetwater, Saltwater:

“At last Rosie King’s long awaited first book is here.  Sweetwater, Saltwater—with its poems of family and childhood, the community of friends, dreams and visions, loss and joy—is infused with a sweet abundance, a kindness and charity that enlarges our spirit.  It’s said that grace cannot be earned, only bestowed.  But Rosie King earns the grace in these hard-wrought fine-crafted poems, and her gift is that she bestows that grace on us.  There is as well a lyric freshness to her work, poems that shine like river stones, polished by long immersion in the waters of the spirit.  What a blessing to have this new book, these gracious poems.”
        —Joseph Stroud, author of Country of Light, Below Cold Mountain, Signatures, and In the Sleep of Rivers

Rosie King was born in Saginaw, Michigan.  A graduate of Wellesley College, she came west in 1966 and did her master’s degree at San Francisco State and her doctorate in Literature at UC Santa Cruz.  Her poetry was first honed as she taught beginning poets and wrote a dissertation on the poetry of H.D.  She has practiced and taught Rosen bodywork for over twenty years and lived for six years as a Zen monk at Green Gulch and Tassajara.  She makes her home, with pond, fruit trees, and garden, near the beach in Santa Cruz.

Sweetwater, Saltwater by Rosie King.  February 2007.        Ordering Books
96 pages, paperback, $12, ISBN 978-0-9792567-0-7

Read four poems from Sweetwater, Saltwater.

Read or hear the four poems from Sweetwater, Saltwater read by Garrison Keillor on The Writer’s Almanac on National Public Radio:
“Saturdays” on Friday, March 23, 2007.
“Visitation” on Friday, March 30.
“Old South School” on Thursday, May 3.
“Miss Shelley, Miss Hattersley, Miss Guilford...” on Tuesday, June 5.

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