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cover The Night Bridge

Poems by Wilma Marcus Chandler

Praise for The Night Bridge:

Wilma Marcus Chandler makes the impossible possible in her poems: she enters paintings so that the reader is there, too, and without needing a single suitcase, she takes us to the distant places so that we not only see what she sees but live what she’s lived. She guides us through the physical world, yes, but takes us into the realm of the soul. To think these poems are made of words no, poet Chandler is an alchemist!
        —Patrice Vecchione, author of The Knot Untied and Stepping into Nature

Rich and complex, Wilma Marcus Chandler’s The Night Bridge is a remarkable achievement. Indeed, there’s no holding back. What I find irresistible about her poems is the underlying lyricism, the quality of song, that uncanny ability, for example, to make colors come alive. More, she makes colors sing.
        —Robert Sward, author of Uncle Dog and Other Poems and Kissing the Dancer

Chandler is an eclectic force of literary excellence and inspiration, through her work as an educator, director, actor, playwright, and poet. In her latest book, The Night Bridge, she shares an insightful glimpse into humanity and nature through a telescopic lens that highlights unique details and reflects universal truths. ”There is always something to find,• Chandler tells us, and proves it with her careful and colorful observations and studied view of the world and the people in it.
        —Jory Post, founder and editor of phren-Z Literary Magazine Read more About the Author

Wilma Marcus Chandler is an award-winning writer, director and theatre teacher in the Bay Area who has taught dance and theatre arts at University of Iowa and UC Santa Cruz and is Emeritus Chair of the Theatre Arts Department at Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA. She is artistic director of the Santa Cruz Actors’ Theatre’s long-running 8 Tens @ 8 Play Festival. Her books on stage combat, directing and scene study are published by Smith & Kraus Books and she is the founder and co-producer of In Celebration of the Muse writer’s festival, the Willing Suspension Armchair Theatre, and co-founder of The National Festival of Women’s Theatre. She is married to the writer John Chandler and lives in Santa Cruz, California.

The Night Bridge Wilma Marcus Chandler.  December 2016.        Ordering Books
92 pages, paperback, $15, ISBN 978-0-9967295-1-2


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